TapTapSee: Amazing iOS App Recognizes Almost Anything

An iOS app called TapTapSee can recognize almost anything that you can take a picture of. TapTapSee is designed for the blind or visually impaired so it requires VoiceOver to be enabled. Click here to download the app for free. With the app open simply point the devices camera at an object and double tap to take a picture. Then TapTapSee recognizes the image with amazing speed and accuracy. In my tests the app was able to distinguish a salt shaker from and nearly identical pepper grinder. The app took an average of 10-15 seconds for each image. Keep in mind that you will need an internet connection for the app to work. With a few exceptions TapTapSee recognized everything that I took a picture of. The app is truly amazing because of its accuracy and detail it is able to provide in a short time. Visually impaired users could use the app to distinguish between two similar feeling objects. The app can also recognize all denominations of US currency but unlike the LookTel Money Reader TapTapSee cannot recognize foreign currencies. TapTapSee is also much faster than competing apps such as VizWiz. TapTapSee is a perfect addition to any iOS device for vissually impaired users.

Click read more below to view the app in action.

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