BrailleTouch App Allows Fast Braille Typing on iPhone

BrailleTouch is a new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows users to type using braille. Click here to download the app. BrailleTouch is designed for the blind and visually impaired. The app uses the familiar six key braille and simple swipe gestures to enter text. The app is used in landscape with the devices touch screen facing away from you. Three of the six keys are on the left side and the other three are on the right side. By swyping with one finger you can add a space or delete a letter. BrailleTouch can also speak the characters and/or words as you type. BrailleTouch works well and is the first app of its kind but it cannot be used to replace the default keyboard for any other apps. This means that in order to use the text you typed using BrailleTouch you must copy and paste it into other apps. BrailleTouch is free to download and try but costs $19.99 to unlock the ability to copy and paste the text.

Click read more below to view screenshots of BrailleTouch.

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